About Us

Caldwell Dressage takes great pride in having created an extraordinary program focusing on the success of both their students and horses.

We have built a great team of people to give the best training, instruction and care possible from beginning to Grand Prix. Whether it be finding your next horse, creating a great show experience, building your skills in the saddle or bringing your horse through the levels, let Caldwell Dressage assist you on your journey.

The Caldwell Dressage Team –

Tina Caldwell – Having ridden with the great dressage masters of our generation including Klaus Balkenhohl, Robert Dover, Dietrich von Hopfgarten and Ulla Salzgeber, Tina was also assistant trainer to Guenter Seidel for over ten years. She has been riding and training at the Grand Prix level for over twenty years – having first ridden Grand Prix at 19 – and had the opportunity to campaign many wonderful horses for their owners. She imparts a classic German system of training, emphasizing feel and a thorough knowledge of the dressage system. She is also a graduate of the University of California San Diego with a major in Sociology. No matter your level Tina can help you to achieve your goals. Please contact us to arrange to watch a lesson.

Click Here To Watch A Video Of Tina Riding Grand Prix

Some of her career highlights include:

– 2004 Reserve Champion at Olympic Trials Intermediare II Class on Fortune 500

– 2003 Reserve Champion Intermediare Freestyle at National Championships on Fantastico

– 2002 Reserve Champion Intermediare at National Trials on Jonkara

– 1998 13th in Olympic Trials in Grand Prix class on Botticelli

– Has imported, broken and trained many horses to Grand Prix

– USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist

– USDF Gold Freestyle Bar

Javier Ramerez – Having been a part of the Caldwell Dressage team for over ten years and previous to that employed in the hunter jumper circuit, Javier brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the stable. He knows the ins and outs of all of the horses as well as their clients and though his job is at times a juggling act, ┬áhe does it so well that many are unaware that he is actually completing four things at once!